2-Tier Blue Tool Cart Trolley Workshop Garage Storage

SKU : F-1141342

Key Features: Key Features: 1mm reinforced steel construction
Powder-coated finish
Two tiers storage
Huge load capacity
Cart side handle
Lockable castors
Key Features:
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SKU F-1141342
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Product Description

Key Features: Key Features: 1mm reinforced steel construction
Powder-coated finish
Two tiers storage
Huge load capacity
Cart side handle
Lockable castors
Rust resistant Specifications:
Overall size:780mm x 360mm x 730mm
Tray size: 700mm x 360mm
Handle height: 780mm
Load capacity: 100kg; 50kg/Tier
Colour: Red

Product Features

All Reviews

  1. Adams Armstrong
    My pantry was overwhelmed. Disorganized with food items stacked on top of each other.I purchased this item for tall items used more frequently while cooking (like oils and seasoning to free up space in the pantry for boxed items and less frequently used items. My pantry is so much clearer now and the cart is on the same side of the kitchen as the stove.
  2. Aleen Burton
    I bought this trolley for the balcony.
    This is very small. And yet you need a bit of storage space for shovels and shovels, scissors, flower fertilizer and much more.It can be put together in a few minutes. You can simply roll it back and forth thanks to the rollers.The individual floors are perforated on the floor so that, for example, rain does not stop but can flow away.
  3. Simpson White
    Bought the trolley for an alcove in the laundry room. The floors are made of very hard plastic, the rods are metallic and can be easily put together. You still need a bit of feeling so that the bars are more evenly positioned and the car is straight. Overall, great for the price and our purposes.
  4. Turner Stewart
    Love this cart!! I love the color cart. The cart was easy and fast to assembled in a few minutes. I was able to fill and store all my full size hair and bath items.Because I have mines filled to the max, when I roll my cart a pole will move but it doesn’t not fall apart. I was able to placed two of theses carts in my small bathroom linen closet. Absolutely love these carts!!!
  5. Zachary Young
    Due to the good recessions, I decided to use the trolley for my kitchen, as I was urgently looking for a option for my vegetables and what can I say, exactly as described! Super easy assembly and looks classy
  6. Evans Ford
    Highly recommend.I like to have my medications, creams, tissues and my bottled water next to my bed, but when visitors come I don’t like them to see all of that, so I bought a cart so I put it on the cart and then when people come over I hide it away and that way I don’t have to be bothered with putting things back and forth.
  7. Harris James
    Can be set up very quickly and easily Optically great and modern Space for all kinds of things. Absolutely suitable for heavy things
  8. Kelly Lawrence
    I've been looking for storage that would fit in the bottom of by bathroom closet for a long time! It's such an odd space because how narrow the closet is. I finally found something that will fit and I can move items to this cart from the other shelves and better utilize the space in the bottom of the closet. Super easy to put together!
  9. Martin lioyd
    I liked the first one I ordered a year or so ago and bought another one last week. I use these utilitarian carts to store and move my art sup Good value if you need something good and small for portable storage.

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2-Tier Blue Tool Cart Trolley Workshop Garage Storage