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About Us

Our Company

This online store is operated by Everstore.com.au

We endeavour our best to deliver good quality products with the best customer service. We believe that our brands are very cheap but at the same time providing excellent quality. Having dealt in the online industry for more than a decade we are very aware of the sorts of quality that our customers expect from us. Similarly we are also very strict in the quality of our products and we make sure that they are of a solid quality for peace of mind of primarily our customers and later ourselves as well. We have stringent quality checks with the products that we deal with and thus we make sure that all the products meets the demands of Australians and Australian standards.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our main goal is to provide a satisfactory customer service with the best quality products out there. We continue to strive towards easy and hassle free dealings with our customers. We highly value your feedback and to the best of our abilities we will do our utmost to ensure that you go happy from us.

How do we work?

We are an online store delivering quality Products at cheap prizes with a 100% secure payment gateway, for more information please free to check our Terms and Conditions. Our customers can order online with 100% confidence that we will deliver the right products at the right time just as we promise.

If there are certain products and brand that we don’t have listed, don’t worry, please send us an email detailing the information about the product that you want and we will give you a written quote with a prompt dispatch should you go ahead with the transaction.